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Ethica helps you create a bank, window, or product
Ethica structures new products and restructures existing products to help launch your Shariah-compliant bank, window, or product. End-to-end advisory services include documentation, manuals, and training. We specialize in Sukuk, Takaful, Retakaful, Islamic investments, mutual funds, and converting conventional banks into Islamic banks.

Shariah Audit

Ethica conducts internal and external Shariah audits
Ethica issues a Certified Audit Report after conducting an internal and external Shariah audit of your Islamic bank, Takaful or Retakaful company, fund, or Sukuk.


Ethica reviews and certifies your bank, window, or product
Ethica reviews and issues an accredited AAOIFI-compliant certification endorsing your bank, window, or product with Ethica's globally trusted seal of approval.

Training Design

Ethica creates a training program for your team
Ethica delivers a customized or off-the-shelf training program for your proprietary use, drawing on experience from being the most trusted name in Islamic finance certification, with over 10,000 paying learners in 65 countries.

Why Ethica Advisory

  • Rapid Response: Emails responded to within one or two business days. No more waiting for weeks to get a response.
  • Global Experience: With over 100 man years of experience in executing Islamic finance projects, Ethica Advisory is a full-service Shariah boutique.
  • Dedicated Shariah Advisors: With a full-service team of Shariah professionals — from leading AAOIFI-level scholars to highly responsive Shariah coordinators — our goal is completion.

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Browse one of the world's largest database of Islamic finance Q&As available online.

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