Certificate Delivery

Couriered to Your Doorstep Anywhere in the World

To ensure timely delivery of your certificate please ensure that all the details (including full name, home or office address and a working mobile number) entered are 100% accurate. In the event that any of the details have changed since you took the exam you should notify us at [email protected] within 7 days.

CIFE Certificate

Framed and couriered to your doorstep at no extra charge.

Couriered to your doorstep at no extra charge, your framed certificate will handsomely adorn your office or study for years to come as a continuing endorsement of our confidence in your abilities. Custom-mounted and framed by hand, this beautiful certificate was designed by classically-trained Islamic artists and is third-party accredited to comply with AAOIFI, the world’s leading Islamic finance standard. We share your excitement in seeing your certificate get to you as soon as possible, and appreciate your patience as we prepare this handcrafted artwork.

We deliver certificates in batches in order to accommodate the manual process of offset printing, hand framing, and couriering. Batches are delivered four times annually, at the end of February, May, August, and November. If you pass your exam in the month(s) prior to the delivery month, your certificate will be included in that batch; those passing during the delivery month will be included in the subsequent batch.

As always, great care is taken to ensure that your certificate arrives safely. However, we are unable to guarantee against damage to the frame or certificate after it leaves our facilities, custom and duty charges, or any shipping and handling fees additional to the delivery charge from our logistics site. In the event that the frame has been damaged, we suggest replacing our handmade frame with a readymade frame.


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