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    Trusted by more professionals for Islamic finance certification.
    Ethica's alumni now work in over 160 financial institutions in 65 countries around the world.

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  • Officially AAOIFI Recognized

    Officially recognized by AAOIFI (pronounced “a-yo-fee”), the world’s leading standard-setting body in Islamic finance, Ethica's award-winning Certified Islamic Finance Executive (CIFE) and Advanced CIFE (ACIFE) earn you continuing professional development (CPD) credits

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    Our graduates perform better because Ethica's courses find their roots in the cut-and-thrust of on-the-ground execution. Recruiters know that you'll bring more Islamic finance know-how to the job than most around.

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    Ethica's Awards in 2020

    Best Islamic Finance Education Provider—United States (Cosmopolitan Daily, UK)
    Best Islamic Finance Qualification—United States (Cosmopolitan Daily, UK)
    Winner for Courses & Trainings UAE (Finance Monthly Legal, UK)
    Niche Training Services Provider of the Year—International (ACQ5 Global Awards, UK)
    Research and Education Company of the Year—United States (ACQ5 Law Awards, UK)
    Best Practice Operator of the Year in Islamic Finance—MENA (ACQ5 Country Awards, UK)
    Game Changer Award (Finance Monthly, UK)
    Management Consulting Awards (CEO Today Magazine, UK)
    Islamic Finance Advisor of The Year (Finance Monthly M&A Awards, UK)
    Islamica 500 Prominent and Influential in the Islamic Economy (Belgium)

  • Financial Aid for Students, Scholars, and Islamic Finance Graduates

    You are eligible for a discount if you are currently a student, an Islamic scholar, have an Islamic finance diploma from another institution and want to add the CIFE™ or ACIFE™ to your portfolio, or can provide a need-based reason.

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  • The Fastest Way to Learn Islamic Finance. Guaranteed.

    Ethica's CIFE™ and ACIFE™ give you only the most essential, practical Islamic finance knowledge distilled into an accelerated program.

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    Ethica’s CIFE™ Now Earns You
    20 CPD Credits

    Ethica’s CIFE™ is now NASBA-compliant. That means you earn 20 CPD credits right away once you complete your CIFE™.


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Ethica’s Certificates: 8 Months or Less, 100% Online

Certified Islamic Finance Executive (CIFE)

Practical Islamic finance training, taking newcomers to an advanced level of knowledge rapidly.

Advanced CIFE (ACIFE)
Financial Analysis

Learn to perform the most commonly used Islamic financial calculations in the industry.

Advanced CIFE (ACIFE)

AAOIFI’s accounting standards distilled into an accelerated certificate.

Cife Certificate Image
Acife Acc Certificate Image
Acife FA Certificate Image

Couriered to your doorstep at no extra charge, your framed certificate will handsomely adorn your office or study for years to come. Custom-mounted and framed by hand, this beautiful certificate was designed by classically-trained Islamic artists and third-party accredited to comply with AAOIFI, the world’s leading Islamic finance standard.

Officially AAOIFI Recognized

Officially recognized by AAOIFI (pronounced “a-yo-fee”), the world’s leading standard-setting body in Islamic finance, Ethica's award-winning Certified Islamic Finance Executive (CIFE) and Advanced CIFE (ACIFE) earn you continuing professional development (CPD) credits


Welcome to the Certified Islamic Finance Executive (CIFE) program, trusted by more professionals for Islamic finance, with 15,000+ learners now working in over 160 financial institutions in 65 countries around the world.

Why Islamic Finance? (PLAY VIDEO NOW)

Why Islamic FinanceWhat makes Islamic finance different from conventional finance? And what makes it better?

In Your Interest (PDF)

Islamic banking in your interestIs Islamic banking a viable alternative to interest-based conventional banking? Is it really any different from conventional finance?

Understanding Ijarah 1 - Islamic Leasing (VIDEO)

Understanding Ijarah 1 - Islamic LeasingHow does Islamic leasing — or Ijarah — work? Learn here, along with step-by-step practical explanations.

Understanding Ijarah 2 - Islamic Leasing (VIDEO)

Understanding Ijarah 2 - Islamic LeasingLearn the rights and obligations of the lessor and the lessee and try your hand at the quiz.

How to Calculate an Ijarah Schedule 1 (ADVANCED VIDEO)

How to Calculate an Ijarah Schedule 1 (Advanced)How do Islamic banks calculate leases? In these two teaser modules from the ACIFE program you find out. We hold your hand through calculations, tables, and formulas.

How to Calculate an Ijarah Schedule 2 (ADVANCED VIDEO)

How to Calculate an Ijarah Schedule 2 (Advanced)You continue learning about Islamic leases with more practical information from this ACIFE module along with a quiz.

Riba & Mortgages — 20 Commonly Asked Questions (PDF)

Riba and Mortgages - 20 Commonly Asked QuestionsEthica’s most popular article: 20 of the most commonly asked questions about conventional home mortgages.



Are you a bank? Get 20 complimentary licenses and experience the CIFE™ first hand!

From individuals to entire banks. anytime, anywhere.

"I chose Ethica for its excellent market reputation. And now I understand why..."

Daniel Rasqui, CIFE Graduate
Director, SIX Financial, Luxembourg

Ethica's Handbook of Islamic Finance
(700+ Page E-book)


Mufti Taqi Usmani’s "Introduction to Islamic Finance"

Sample Islamic finance contracts

CIFE™ Study Notes

Recommended reading lists

1,000+ Islamic finance Q&As

Why Islamic Finance?


The Problem with Artificial Wealth Creation

How is Islamic Finance Different?

3 Real-World Examples

How Does Islamic Finance Make Money?


Best Research and
Education Company
Dubai, UAE

Best Islamic Finance Training Institution MENA
Best Islamic Finance Education Provider MENA
Best Online Islamic Finance Program MENA
London, UK

Best Online Islamic
Finance Program
London, UK

Best Islamic Finance
London, UK

Education Leadership Award
Dubai, UAE

Islamic Finance Education
Provider of the Year
London, UK

Best Global Online Islamic
Finance Education Provider
London, UK

Islamic Finance Education Provider of the Year – Gold Award
Islamic Finance Forum of South Asia,
Sri Lanka

Best Islamic Finance Training Provider of the Year
MEA Markets

What people are saying about Ethica

Marwa El Messidi, CIFE Graduate

Economic Development Professional, Richmond, USA

"I first became interested in Islamic finance as a graduate student at UC Davis. Ethica's CIFE was the first course I have taken completely online and I loved it! I learnt a great deal regarding the practical application, benefits, and risks involved. The course was an excellent mix of theory and practice. Highly recommended."

Waqas Zafar, CIFE Graduate

Senior Associate, KPMG, UAE

"Ethica's tutorials are an absolute game changer. Through excellent examples they explain how Islamic banking gets done inside an Islamic bank. The personnel at Ethica are devoted, professional and above all extremely helpful. My job entails dealing with the mergers and acquisitions sector and with Ethica’s CIFE I was able to accomplish what I had set out to achieve."

Pradeep Varma

Director, Pennant Technologies, India

"Ethica’s training and certification programs have benefited Pennant's Islamic banking product engineering and implementation staff — tremendously."

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