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Charity As Time And Effort
If one is unable to donate money to a charitable cause because of a...
Eligible Recipients Of Charity
In descending order of superiority, it is recommended to give to one's disaffected relatives, one's friendly relatives, and the pious; this is in addition to what is spent of one's wealth...
Giving Away Excess Wealth In Charity
It is recommended to give away the excess of one's wealth, meaning wealth additional to what is necessary to earn one's livelihood, support one's dependents, and to reasonably support oneself, assuming that one is able to bear the hardship this austerity imposes, though if one's dependents or oneself are unable to withstand ...
Fulfillment Of Financial Obligations Versus Giving Charity
It is forbidden to give away money that would have otherwise fulfilled a financial oblig...
Ruling On Undistributed Charity
When an individual or institution assigned with the task of distributing charity is unable to distribute the entire amount, the remaining charity should be returned to the donor or, wit...
Accepting Charity From One Eliminating Unlawful Earnings From Wealth
It is permissible to accept charity from an individual who is eliminating unlawful earnings from his wealth; the sin related to the earnings devolves to...

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Browse one of the world's largest database of Islamic finance Q&As available online.

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